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Marshall County girl struck by semi at bus stop

Tennessee has some of every type of road in the United States, from broad interstate highways to backwoods trails up the Great Smoky Mountains. There is no finer way to get across or around the state, which attracts thousands of visitors from elsewhere driving cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Inadequate lighting can lead to injuries

Property owners are required to properly light their properties in an effort to prevent visitors from suffering injuries. Inadequate lighting can cause injuries ranging from minor to severe and possibly even death. Here is a brief overview of how inadequate lighting can lead to injuries.

The signs of nursing home neglect and abuse

Making the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is very difficult. It doesn't mean there is less love for the family member, it just means you cannot offer the same level of comfort, care and attention that the staff at a home can offer. What can make the situation worse for a family is when their loved one is abused or neglected. Here are the signs of nursing home neglect and abuse.

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