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Woman sues Tennessee venue for slip-and-fall injury

We are usually responsible for our own decisions, but we can also suffer unfairly from the decisions of others. Owners and managers of businesses with public spaces or invited guests owe those people a clean and safe place to congregate or move through. If they fail, they may be liable for the results.

Class action lawsuit responds to restaurant illnesses

A slick wet floor. A messy hallway. An old and uneven sidewalk. All of these things can cause an accident involving injury or permanent disability. Businesses and government institutions are always concerned with the safety of the people they serve, so any of these circumstances should be addressed immediately.

How do I prove premises liability in Tennessee?

Any business owner with a property open to the public for shopping, eating or other commercial activity must take care to make sure customers are safe on their premises. It is rare that an injury takes place in a business, and anyone injured due to a business' negligence has options for recourse under Tennessee law.

Property owners have a special duty to protect children

Property owners have a special duty required by law to protect children who might visit their property. It doesn't matter if the property is residential or commercial, children can suffer injuries anywhere. Children, especially younger ones, do not know the dangers that can be present when walking onto someone's property. That is where the attractive nuisance doctrine comes into play.

Property owners have a legal duty to prevent injuries

Property owners are legally required to prevent injuries to visitors on their property. This is known as a duty. In the state of Tennessee, premises liability laws protect visitors to properties, both residential and commercial. Here is a brief overview of premises liability law in Tennessee.

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