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Car accidents pose a serious danger in Tennessee

From the Great Smoky Mountains to the Mississippi River Valley, there is no better way to travel around Tennessee than in a person's own car. The streets, roads and limited-access highways such as interstates in the Volunteer State are always open and full of cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Memphis accident destroys 2 cars and injures both drivers

A growing economy and a population surge has made Tennessee one of the hot places to be in the South. Although most of the effects have been positive for the state and its residents, motor vehicle accidents are also on the rise as roads get more crowded.

Man charged in possible DUI in East Nashville

Driving is the most popular way to get around and through Tennessee. The roads are generally safe, with the Volunteer State falling in the middle of state ranks on motor vehicle accidents, but there is still cause to remain vigilant while driving and keeping yourself safe.

Nashville man killed in accident involving passing

Tennessee's roads are the best way to get anywhere from the Mississippi River Valley around Memphis to the Great Smoky Mountains east of Knoxville. The highways and byways of the Volunteer State are largely safe, but a few conditions can raise the chances of a dangerous or deadly collision.

Tennessee man may face charges over fatal accident

From the Great Smoky Mountains to the Mississippi Valley, from winding dirt paths to the mighty interstate highways, roads are the past and present of transportation in Tennessee. As technology makes car travel more efficient and independent, cars are likely to be the future as well.

Tennessee couple killed in car accident

From the Great Smoky Mountains in the east to the plains of the Mississippi in the west, Tennessee is home to some of the most gorgeous driving scenery in the United States. Although it makes it far easier and faster to travel across the Volunteer State since frontier times, some of the dangers still remain on modern roads.

Tennessee man charged in suspected drunk driving death

From the plains rising from the shores of the Mississippi River to the rolling hills below the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee has perhaps the greatest diversity of types of terrain in the region. Drivers know to keep a sharp eye for hazards on open interstate highways as well as winding backcountry roads.

How can I become a better defensive driver?

One of the most important lessons taught to new drivers is how to be a defensive driver. Parents don't simply hand the keys to their car over to a newly licensed teen driver without providing plenty of lessons, guidance and actual behind-the-wheel training in empty parking lots and dead-end streets. Here are some important things to remember when improving your defensive driving skills.

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