Auto shop owner injured in attempted robbery

Serious injuries are always difficult to deal with. They are extremely painful, often for weeks or a longer recovery period. They can cause other problems, such as financial distress. Worse, they are almost always unpredictable, adding risk to a well-planned life.

Accidental injury or self-injury is one matter that is largely left to the victim. People expect the victim to make himself or herself whole through rest, hard work and the help of a family or community. Purposeful or negligent injuries can be create a range of legal complications for both victims and responsible parties.

A recent attempted theft highlights this risk. An auto shop owner in Johnson City is recovering after he attempted to stop a thief from making away with a pickup truck. The vehicle was waiting to be serviced at the man's transmission service station when he saw the thief enter and attempt to drive away with the truck.

"Of course I sprinted as fast as I could to the vehicle, dove through the window," said the owner of the shop. "I knew that [the thief] had no intentions of stopping at any costs, whether it was my life or somebody else's."

Fortunately, the owner suffered only a bruised hip and other non-life-threatening injuries after he was dragged across the parking lot and was forced to let go when the thief accelerated onto the road.

The driver was later identified, arrested and charged with car theft, aggravated assault and driving on a revoked license. There is no word yet on whether the auto shop owner will sue for personal injury damages, including medical costs and any lost income from the incident.

Source: Carscoops, "Auto Shop Owner Ends Up Injured After Trying To Stop Car Thief," Sergiu Tudose, Sep. 07, 2017

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