Negligence in premises liability centers on duty

We rely on people doing their duty every day. We're always familiar with the duties of police officers and bus drivers, but we often forget that someone is responsible for the sidewalk under our feet, the shop doors we open and the pipes that bring our water.

This duty is never more apparent than when it's not being fulfilled. The definition of someone's duty is always important when it involves an injury. If a person or institution is legally responsible for injuries suffered by another person, he or she is considered to be negligent.

If you are considering a charge of negligence against a property owner or equipment operator that has caused you injury, there is a logic chain you should consider. First, the owner must have owed a duty to you or the public at large that his or her action – or inaction – failed to fulfill.

Then it must be proven that the owner did not fulfill this duty in a way that injured you, and it is the primary reason of the injury or damage you have suffered. There may be multiple people or institutions at fault, such as a staff member who injured you and his or her employer if they are responsible for the conditions of the injury.

Tennessee negligence laws regarding premises liability and other forms of negligence are generally the same in intention and requirements as federal law and the codes in other states. These laws protect people who have suffered due to negligence.

Legal representation is a helpful choice for weighing your options and considering the possible plaintiffs in a negligence case. An experienced attorney may have a unique perspective on the duties related to damage or an injury.

Source: FindLaw, "Tennessee Negligence Laws," accessed Aug. 24, 2017

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