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Highway guard rail creator faces Tennessee wrongful death suits

Accidents happen all the time, from traffic crashes to workplace mistakes, but only the most severe result in the death of a driver, pedestrian or worker. It is rare in Tennessee that a person loses his or her life due to a preventable mistake, but the law allows the victim's family or survivors to sue for wrongful death in these cases.

A contractor to the state's department of transportation may be facing such a suit in the aftermath of a string of deaths across the country involving a possibly defective highway guard rail. A 17-year-old girl was killed in McMinn County when the guard rail in question impaled her vehicle when it left the surface of the interstate.

Newer cars contain their own distractions

Is your car a burden? Of course, you may answer yes when you think about the car payments and insurance premiums. You may not realize, however, that your vehicle may be making it harder for you to do what you're supposed to do behind the wheel: drive.

According to a recent study, many new cars are placing a substantial burden on their drivers by including technology that makes it difficult for them to keep their attention on the road. While distracted driving contributes to increasing numbers of car crashes in Tennessee and across the country, laws banning handhelds and texting may not be enough to keep you safe.

Tennessee man may face charges over fatal accident

From the Great Smoky Mountains to the Mississippi Valley, from winding dirt paths to the mighty interstate highways, roads are the past and present of transportation in Tennessee. As technology makes car travel more efficient and independent, cars are likely to be the future as well.

Although problems on the roads of the Volunteer State are rare, motor vehicle collisions can cause serious injury, permanent disability or even death to drivers, passengers and pedestrians. This is especially true if drivers are distracted by cellphones, impaired by drugs and alcohol or not paying close attention to road signs and laws.

Tennessee company implicated in prison health care lawsuit

Doctors and other health care providers are an integral part of modern society, saving and improving our lives every day. The importance of their careers to the health and safety of their patients is shown by the amount of training and insurance doctors require to legally practice in Tennessee and elsewhere in the United States.

Mistakes made by doctors, or their failure to act in a timely manner, are therefore, actionable in the legal realm. An attorney can help victims and the survivors of medical malpractice address mistakes that led to damage or a failure to recover for a patient.

Tennessee couple killed in car accident

From the Great Smoky Mountains in the east to the plains of the Mississippi in the west, Tennessee is home to some of the most gorgeous driving scenery in the United States. Although it makes it far easier and faster to travel across the Volunteer State since frontier times, some of the dangers still remain on modern roads.

The dangers that have grown are namely those connected to high-speed collision and other injuries caused by motor vehicles. Most of these are connected to mistakes that could be avoided by detail-oriented driving and caution around dangerous driving conditions, such as tight curves and poor weather.

Marshall County girl struck by semi at bus stop

Tennessee has some of every type of road in the United States, from broad interstate highways to backwoods trails up the Great Smoky Mountains. There is no finer way to get across or around the state, which attracts thousands of visitors from elsewhere driving cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Roads always hold their share of risk, with the speed of vehicles and their proximity to each other and people near the road. Hazardous conditions such as weather and darkness add to these risks, and drivers have to be aware of the greatest possibilities of an accident.

Tennessee man charged in suspected drunk driving death

From the plains rising from the shores of the Mississippi River to the rolling hills below the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee has perhaps the greatest diversity of types of terrain in the region. Drivers know to keep a sharp eye for hazards on open interstate highways as well as winding backcountry roads.

Many laws protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians from reckless driving, inattentive drivers or other likely dangers due to error or carelessness. Perhaps the greatest laws and ones that carries one of the heaviest penalties regarding traffic are those about impaired driving.

Tennessee company involved in medical malpractice case

A Tennessee-based health care management company is now the only remaining defendant in an ongoing case regarding a controversial and apparently false treatment for broken bones. The firm supplied support of various kinds to a hospital in New Mexico that hosted the treatments.

A pain management specialist testified that after reviewing the post-operative charts of more than 10 patients over a decade who had received the procedure, he contacted an administrator to stop the procedure from being conducted again due to pain and health hazards that it introduces.

Tennessee vehicle collision claims 3 lives

Tennessee is at the crossroads of four regions of the United States, with miles of highway that cross the state in all directions. Driving is a tradition in the Volunteer State, with road use and car ownership rates near the top of the nation.

Reckless and inattentive driving are dangers that become larger with more drivers on the roads, as well as different types of vehicles. Risks also increase between dusk and dawn, when visibility is low and the chances of drivers exhausted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol increase.

Protect yourself following a motor vehicle crash

Car accidents can naturally be frightening experiences, and they can be especially frustrating ones if someone else is at fault. For instance, perhaps another driver was texting and driving when he or she ran into your car, or maybe the driver was driving too quickly for road conditions.

Once a motor vehicle accident that was someone else's fault happens in Tennessee, you may have many questions and not know exactly what to do. However, a few tips may help you to protect your best interests from both a physical and a legal standpoint following the motor vehicle crash.

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