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Memphis accident destroys 2 cars and injures both drivers

A growing economy and a population surge has made Tennessee one of the hot places to be in the South. Although most of the effects have been positive for the state and its residents, motor vehicle accidents are also on the rise as roads get more crowded.

When a car accident happens, it is always important to remain at the scene to ensure everyone's safety and law enforcement's ability to investigate the circumstances. Tennessee law requires drivers to stay with their cars at the scene if anyone has been injured and/or damage to one or more vehicle is significant.

Class action lawsuit responds to restaurant illnesses

A slick wet floor. A messy hallway. An old and uneven sidewalk. All of these things can cause an accident involving injury or permanent disability. Businesses and government institutions are always concerned with the safety of the people they serve, so any of these circumstances should be addressed immediately.

The most common cause of a premises injury, and therefore, a premises liability lawsuit, is a slip and fall due to uneven or cluttered walking paths. However, illness as well as injury may result from the negligence of a business, its manager or its employees.

A picture may be worth a thousand words following a car crash

Experiencing a motor vehicle crash caused by another driver's negligence can no doubt be overwhelming and devastating. However, preserving as much of the evidence present at the scene as possible can prove to be a critical step toward eventually seeking justice and compensation for your injuries and suffering.

This includes taking notes as well as capturing photos of the crash scene. Photographs can especially be effective if you are attempting to prove the damages you have suffered in a collision in an attempt to hold the at-fault driver accountable. Here are a few guidelines for taking effective photos in the aftermath of a car crash in Tennessee.

Man charged in possible DUI in East Nashville

Driving is the most popular way to get around and through Tennessee. The roads are generally safe, with the Volunteer State falling in the middle of state ranks on motor vehicle accidents, but there is still cause to remain vigilant while driving and keeping yourself safe.

Distracted driving by negligent people is one of the leading causes of car crashes in Tennessee and elsewhere in the country. Although it is rarer, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is one of the most serious dangers.

Driver found guilty of many charges in school bus crash

Drivers who cause serious injury, permanent disability or death in a motor vehicle accident may face criminal charges from county and state prosecutors as well as civil lawsuits for personal injury or wrongful death. A driver from Chattanooga has been found guilty of criminal charges and may have brought more than 30 civil lawsuits upon his employer at the time of the crash.

A Hamilton County jury found the 25-year-old driver guilty of criminally negligent homicide, reckless endangerment, reckless driving and use of a portable device by a school bus driver. Six students were killed and 37 more injured when the driver's bus overturned and crashed into a tree.

Scratches on head draws attention to Tennessee maternity ward

Doctors, nurses and hospitals are there to keep us healthy and safe. Medical professionals rarely fail to do their jobs or do it poorly, but lawyers are there to protect patients' interests in these cases.

The family of a 3-month-old baby born in Nashville is seeking restitution after the infant was injured during the birth process. The mother posted photos online of the girl's head with some gouges and scratches that were reportedly caused by hospital instruments.

Nashville man killed in accident involving passing

Tennessee's roads are the best way to get anywhere from the Mississippi River Valley around Memphis to the Great Smoky Mountains east of Knoxville. The highways and byways of the Volunteer State are largely safe, but a few conditions can raise the chances of a dangerous or deadly collision.

Car accidents are more likely when drivers are driving with excessive speed or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Distracted driving, especially while using cellphones or other devices, may also lead to tragedy.

How do I prove premises liability in Tennessee?

Any business owner with a property open to the public for shopping, eating or other commercial activity must take care to make sure customers are safe on their premises. It is rare that an injury takes place in a business, and anyone injured due to a business' negligence has options for recourse under Tennessee law.

Injuries or illnesses caused by conditions in a business open to the public may be considered the result of negligence. These issues are specifically addressed by laws and regulations that define and govern premises liability. There are specific conditions under which an owner or manager of a business or facility may be liable for losses related to an injury or illness.

Highway guard rail creator faces Tennessee wrongful death suits

Accidents happen all the time, from traffic crashes to workplace mistakes, but only the most severe result in the death of a driver, pedestrian or worker. It is rare in Tennessee that a person loses his or her life due to a preventable mistake, but the law allows the victim's family or survivors to sue for wrongful death in these cases.

A contractor to the state's department of transportation may be facing such a suit in the aftermath of a string of deaths across the country involving a possibly defective highway guard rail. A 17-year-old girl was killed in McMinn County when the guard rail in question impaled her vehicle when it left the surface of the interstate.

Newer cars contain their own distractions

Is your car a burden? Of course, you may answer yes when you think about the car payments and insurance premiums. You may not realize, however, that your vehicle may be making it harder for you to do what you're supposed to do behind the wheel: drive.

According to a recent study, many new cars are placing a substantial burden on their drivers by including technology that makes it difficult for them to keep their attention on the road. While distracted driving contributes to increasing numbers of car crashes in Tennessee and across the country, laws banning handhelds and texting may not be enough to keep you safe.

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