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Wrongful death suits bring financial peace of mind to Tennesseans

On behalf of The Myers Law Firm PLLC posted in Wrongful Death on Wednesday, September 19, 2018.

You can't put a price tag on a human life. For each family member left behind in Tennessee, the loss of someone who has passed away is one they'll never get over.

If your loved one dies as a result of medical malpractice, an accident, an injury or someone else's negligence, you not only have been denied companionship, love and emotional support, but you also could be losing financial support.

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Tennessee shoppers: Watch your step

On behalf of The Myers Law Firm PLLC posted in Premises Liability on Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

You set out for a day of fun with that bonus money in your pocket and head toward to your favorite Tennessee mall. There are some things you've put off getting, but today's the day to make your purchases.

You walk through the mall, happily heading toward the entrance to the store of your choice, and your legs come out from under you. You feel yourself falling and put out your arm to brace your fall. You wind up on the ground, your arm in terrible pain.

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Teens, seniors involved in more accidents than any age group

On behalf of The Myers Law Firm PLLC posted in Motor Vehicle Accidents on Wednesday, August 22, 2018.

It's wonderful for Tennessee seniors to have their independence, thanks to their cars – until it isn't.

According to AAA, senior citizens have good driving habits. They wear their seat belts, don't drink and drive and stay under the speed limit. They stay off the road after dark whenever possible, avoid rush hour and stay home in bad weather.

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Lesson 1 in the Tennessee school year: Stay safe

On behalf of The Myers Law Firm PLLC posted in Personal Injury on Thursday, August 9, 2018.

Classes are back in session in Knox County, Tennessee. Your child went back to school with a fresh haircut, new shoes and a backpack filled with supplies.

The biggest need kids have this time of year, though, is a talk with you that covers just how they can stay safe to and from school. It's never too late to remind them of the rules of the road, whether they walk to school, ride a bike or take the bus. Cars in the school zone present a daily danger to youngsters.

How does a wrongful death case work in Tennessee?

Your loved one is gone. The person who always has been your rock and your emotional support, your biggest fan, isn't there when you wake up in the morning anymore.

But once the tears stop and your friends and family go back to their regular routine after being at your side, you are alone with your thoughts.

What constitutes medical malpractice in Tennessee?

We make an appointment with our doctor, make a visit to the emergency room or follow through with a recommended surgery in hopes medical professionals will make us right again. Typically, they do.

But what happens if something goes very, very wrong?

Might your headache be a sign of traumatic brain injury?

If you're driving along a Tennessee highway and another driver suddenly crashes into your car, in an instant, your whole world may feel as though it dropped out from underneath you. Depending on the severity of your injuries, your life may indeed significantly change in the near or distant future. Some of your injuries may be undeniably apparent, such as lacerations, broken bones or loss of consciousness. First responders are experienced at assessing a crash scene to see who, if anyone, is in need of emergency care.

Those who came to your aid hopefully were able to get you to the nearest hospital in a timely manner, and doctors at that facility were hopefully able to treat your condition. The problem is that not all car wreck injuries are immediately apparent. If your condition doesn't improve, or you experience additional symptoms, (especially head pain) you may be suffering from a traumatic brain injury. It's not only critical to seek immediate medical attention, it's also pertinent to know where to turn for support if the other driver was negligent.

Tennessee personal injury cases need strong legal representation

We've all laughed at the cartoon where someone slips on a banana peels and falls.

Truth is, it's not funny.

Woman sues Tennessee venue for slip-and-fall injury

We are usually responsible for our own decisions, but we can also suffer unfairly from the decisions of others. Owners and managers of businesses with public spaces or invited guests owe those people a clean and safe place to congregate or move through. If they fail, they may be liable for the results.

A woman is suing the owner of a party venue in Campbell County after she experienced an injury on the property. She entered the property during a rainy evening and left under darkness. Without exterior lighting covering the parking lot and outdoor walkway, she tripped on her way to her car and broke her arm as a result of the fall.

Car accidents pose a serious danger in Tennessee

From the Great Smoky Mountains to the Mississippi River Valley, there is no better way to travel around Tennessee than in a person's own car. The streets, roads and limited-access highways such as interstates in the Volunteer State are always open and full of cars, trucks and motorcycles.

The nation has seen an uptick in traffic deaths in recent years, which has led to innovations in traffic control, car safety and other related fields. Tennessee, which was one of the most dangerous states for motorists and pedestrians in the first decade of the 21st century, has seen fewer traffic fatalities overall.