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Tennessee company involved in medical malpractice case

A Tennessee-based health care management company is now the only remaining defendant in an ongoing case regarding a controversial and apparently false treatment for broken bones. The firm supplied support of various kinds to a hospital in New Mexico that hosted the treatments.

A pain management specialist testified that after reviewing the post-operative charts of more than 10 patients over a decade who had received the procedure, he contacted an administrator to stop the procedure from being conducted again due to pain and health hazards that it introduces.

Tennessee vehicle collision claims 3 lives

Tennessee is at the crossroads of four regions of the United States, with miles of highway that cross the state in all directions. Driving is a tradition in the Volunteer State, with road use and car ownership rates near the top of the nation.

Reckless and inattentive driving are dangers that become larger with more drivers on the roads, as well as different types of vehicles. Risks also increase between dusk and dawn, when visibility is low and the chances of drivers exhausted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol increase.

Protect yourself following a motor vehicle crash

Car accidents can naturally be frightening experiences, and they can be especially frustrating ones if someone else is at fault. For instance, perhaps another driver was texting and driving when he or she ran into your car, or maybe the driver was driving too quickly for road conditions.

Once a motor vehicle accident that was someone else's fault happens in Tennessee, you may have many questions and not know exactly what to do. However, a few tips may help you to protect your best interests from both a physical and a legal standpoint following the motor vehicle crash.

Auto shop owner injured in attempted robbery

Serious injuries are always difficult to deal with. They are extremely painful, often for weeks or a longer recovery period. They can cause other problems, such as financial distress. Worse, they are almost always unpredictable, adding risk to a well-planned life.

Accidental injury or self-injury is one matter that is largely left to the victim. People expect the victim to make himself or herself whole through rest, hard work and the help of a family or community. Purposeful or negligent injuries can be create a range of legal complications for both victims and responsible parties.

New lawsuit alleges police mistreatment of inmate

Law enforcement officers have to take people into custody as a daily requirement of the job. This is not only to keep suspects from doing harm but also for the safety of those in the care of the law.

If a person dies in custody, the agency that is protecting him or her can be liable. In a recent lawsuit, the mother of a man who died in custody is alleging that officers themselves caused pain, suffering and wrongful death.

Negligence in premises liability centers on duty

We rely on people doing their duty every day. We're always familiar with the duties of police officers and bus drivers, but we often forget that someone is responsible for the sidewalk under our feet, the shop doors we open and the pipes that bring our water.

This duty is never more apparent than when it's not being fulfilled. The definition of someone's duty is always important when it involves an injury. If a person or institution is legally responsible for injuries suffered by another person, he or she is considered to be negligent.

How can I become a better defensive driver?

One of the most important lessons taught to new drivers is how to be a defensive driver. Parents don't simply hand the keys to their car over to a newly licensed teen driver without providing plenty of lessons, guidance and actual behind-the-wheel training in empty parking lots and dead-end streets. Here are some important things to remember when improving your defensive driving skills.

It is vital to learn how to spot dangers around you when behind the wheel. These dangers include others using a cellphone, erratic driving, speeding, unsafe passing and much more. If you can spot these issues when on the road, you should be able to avoid an accident.

Property owners have a special duty to protect children

Property owners have a special duty required by law to protect children who might visit their property. It doesn't matter if the property is residential or commercial, children can suffer injuries anywhere. Children, especially younger ones, do not know the dangers that can be present when walking onto someone's property. That is where the attractive nuisance doctrine comes into play.

An attractive nuisance is defined as any man-made object that can tempt a child to enter a property and possibly cause injury. Some of the most common attractive nuisances include swimming pools, machinery (lawnmowers), animals, stairways, tunnels, fountains, wells and even rooftops. Naturally occurring items such as lakes and ponds are typically not covered by the attractive nuisance doctrine since they are not man-made.

Inadequate lighting can lead to injuries

Property owners are required to properly light their properties in an effort to prevent visitors from suffering injuries. Inadequate lighting can cause injuries ranging from minor to severe and possibly even death. Here is a brief overview of how inadequate lighting can lead to injuries.

One of the most common places for inadequate lighting to cause an injury is in a parking lot. Parking lots are required to have lights every so many feet, and when those lights fail to work, people walking can suffer injury. They can either trip and fall over an object, fall in a pothole, or even be attacked by someone lurking in the shadows.

Be smart about social media after a car crash

A motor vehicle wreck is likely to cause medical and financial issues. Given the stress and inconvenience, it can be natural to want to discuss your injuries on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other forms of social media. Venting your frustrations on social media, although satisfying in the short term can create problems in the long term. In fact, the things you say on social media could potentially harm your personal injury claim.

How can social media damage your case?

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